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Endless Motorsports


Here at Endless Motorsports we specialize in attention to detail in every project we undertake.  The goal is to create a unique vehicle, like its owner.  We have experience in all foreign and domestic vehicles, including motorcycles.

We have several projects currently in the works.  One of our project cars is an Acura Legend Sedan.  Bolt-on parts for this vehicle are limited, which makes it a difficult vehicle to customize.  But that difficulty also makes a customized Legend very unique.  Our other project car is an Acura Integra.  We've upgraded many aspects of this vehicle including an all steel Japanese Type-R front-end, Bear big brake kit, short shift kit, Eibach/Koni suspension, and a custom fitted Remus exaust.

We also perform aftermarket mods to motorcycles including exaust systems, bodywork modifications, and foot pegs.  Currently in the works is our HID kit for Ducati's superbikes including the 748, 916, 996, and 998.

Ducati HID kit


Please inquire about kits via e-mail

You can e-mail us at:

Endless Motorsports, Sammamish Washington